Secondary, Further and Higher Education

Yes, we’re passionate about service and delivery, but really, it’s all about the food.
At Churchill we have a simple desire to serve the highest quality fresh food every day, using the finest ingredients, and to ensure our food is served by staff who are engaged, and care about the integral role they play in the success of our company.

We are also passionate about the belief that children should have the very best of surroundings in which to learn. We continue to work extremely closely with our school partners to ensure that lunchtimes are fun and a part of the day the children really look forward to.

Secondary, Further and Higher Education.

When pupils reach year seven and above, we recognise that they have started the journey into being young adults, and that they are now budding consumers, who have the ability, and the confidence to make their own choices.

By offering modern menus with varied and freshly prepared hot & cold meals presented with style, and promoting them with clear and appropriate marketing, we create a compelling and stimulating restaurant environment.